About me

A keen angler from around the age of 9, initially sea/estuary fishing in the north west of England and then turning to fishing my local ponds and rivers on my return to the north east.

I have had a few breaks from angling over the years, mainly due to working abroad for long periods of time. Since 2010 I have been able to fish more regularly and have mainly been concentrating on pike fishing.

As well as targeting pike I also spend some time in the warmer months fishing for eels, fishing the stick float for dace and perch and I also enjoy the occasional summer mackerel trip to stock up the freezer for the winter. Recently I have started setting myself a few targets each season, with the aim of increasing some of my bests.

I decided to start a blog mainly as a fishing diary but also to encourage me to take more photographs whilst on the bank.

Tight lines,