Each season I will be setting myself a few targets, mainly to beat my eel and pike bests. I will also be targeting other species to try and increase a few personal bests. I will update this page as I achieve these targets.

2018/19 targets - The same again ! A double figure barbel from a new river, a 6lb + chub from a certain local river and that 20lb + pike!

A 20lb pike !

12/11/18 - 20lb 6oz

2017/18 targets - A double figure barbel from a new river, a 6lb + chub from a certain local river and a 20lb + pike!

A double figure barbel from a new river 

23/07/17 - 11lb 1oz and 10lb 7oz (Trent)
10/10/17 - 10lb 14oz and 10lb 5oz (Trent)
I only managed 2 sessions specifically after chub from the targeted river and caught on both occasions with fish to 5lb 3oz. If I had pulled my finger out and had a few more sessions I reckon I might of broken the 6lb barrier on this river as I have access to some cracking stretches for chub.

Chasing a 20lb pike locally is difficult and the lure of my local river makes this an even harder task. I have started to target pike further afield but the idea of catching a first ‘20’ from the river I have fished since I was a boy always seems to override the slightly easier possibilities elsewhere.

2016/17 targets - 4lb + eel, over 50lb of tench and a personal best pike.

A personal best pike -

19lb 2oz

My eel and tench campaigns didn't go as planned, eels to 2lb 8oz and a total of 16lb 7oz of tench.

2015/16 targets -

Personal best eel, perch, pike and a first zander.

A personal best pike -

17lb 9oz

A first zander -

8lb 14oz

Unfortunately I failed in my attempts to increase my eel and perch bests. My eel campaign didn't really materialise, working nights and then becoming distracted by barbel meant beating my eel best wasn't likely. I managed to catch plenty of perch to 2lb 1oz, not bad but a bit short of my best.

2014/15 targets -

Eel over 2lb

2lb 7oz (25th July)
2lb 15oz (21st August)

Perch over 2lb -

2lb 4oz (17th July)

P.b pike

15lb 14oz (19th September)

2013/14 target -

10 pike (including at least 1 double)

Due to a lack of time and very poor weather conditions I set myself a modest target for the season. I managed to achieve the target, catching 14 pike in total with the largest going 10lb 6oz.
Largest of the season - 10lb 6oz