Friday, 14 December 2012

Predictable blank......

I managed to fit in a short session on the river yesterday with first cast being around 1315hrs. I wasn't overly confident as I usually struggle when there is extra colour in the water. I decided on a 2 rod approach with various dead's, first rod was a large section of lamprey ledgered mid river, second rod was popped up pollan at the bottom of the near shelf.

Baits were moved every 30 minutes or so, trout and mackerel were also used but nothing happened. A couple of moves further upstream with the same tactics also failed to produce any takes. Hopefully the colour will continue to drop as this area usually produces in weather conditions similar to this.

Hungry horses
Highlight of the afternoon was the visit of some local gypsy horses, which seemed to take a liking to my lunch.

I finally packed up at around 1700hrs and after a 5 minute walk back to the jeep, I realised I had left the lights on and the battery had died ! About a 40 minute wait later my brother in law turned up to give me a jump start. A bit of a disappointing session really, but despite the weather (-2 C when I arrived) and the lack of action it was good to get out. I am hoping to get a session or 2 in next week, I will possibly look to fish further upstream next time round. I might also sneak a short lure session over the weekend, although this will be hangover dependant!

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  1. Darren.

    It's a tad cold I know. -6 this morning and my lake looked bleak too. Spring is around the corner and those big females waiting for us both?

    Tight Lines.