Saturday, 21 March 2015

Canal pike

I decided to continue piking for a few more sessions, my most recent session being on a canal with Mick. The season was a bit of a grueller, with only one take each. Mick missed his chance but to be fair the take wasn't the most confident. Thirty minutes later it was my turn, a large float fished mackerel was taken, I gave it a few seconds longer than I usually would (due to the bait size) wound down and stuck into a decent fish. 

After a good scrap Mick did the honours with the net, we both though it was a double and after a quick weigh it went 12lb 1oz. Initially I thought it was the same fish I caught on my first session on the canal, but after comparing the photos they are definitely different fish.

I'm hoping to fit in another pike session in the next week or so, possibly across the Pennines or maybe to the Scots borders, should conditions and time allow. I'll then be spending a few sessions targeting the perch then the tench and as soon as the waters reach the right temperature I'll be focusing on the eels until the rivers reopen. 

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