Sunday, 5 July 2015

Barbel on, barbel off

A short four hour session, one fish lost, one landed. The lost fish was a definite barbel, a screaming run upstream, due to the tight swim I had to fight it hard to keep it from the willows, the  hook pulled after 10 seconds.

Plenty of interest from the  chub, sit on hands time, although I probably should of struck at one of the bites. All the chub interest was on some spicy sausage pellets I was using for the first time.

The fish landed came to the same rod as the lost fish, another screamer. Although the run was short lived,  as soon as I turned the fish I knew something was amiss. I was still hoping for a small barbel but it was a chub of about 3lb.

No more interest after the chub, no fish topping, temp  dropped so I left at 01:00. I'll be back for another go next week.

1 comment:

  1. Hard luck on the barbel mate, think I might be trying for one next weekend, weather and time permitting!