Friday, 14 August 2015

Back on the bank

It's been a struggle to spend any time on the bank recently, working longer hours than usual and being midway through the school holidays has meant fishing has taken an unwelcome back seat.

I had a couple of unsuccessful barbel sessions just after my last blog entry, both blanks with two fish lost on the first session and despite the more favourable conditions absolutely no interest on the second session.

Three weeks past without being able to wet a line. During periods of 'angling hibernation' I tend to avoid logging on to forums, reading angling blogs and books etc... as it just adds to the frustration of not being able to fish.

Anyway my first chance to spend some time on the bank was on Sunday morning. I had planned on a stickfloat session for perch but I didn't get the time on Saturday to call in the tackle shop and get any bait. Having plenty of boilies and pellets on the shelf, a barbel session it was.

Two takes, two fish, one new p.b.

8lb 2oz - added just over a pound to my previous best

Exactly 6lb, taken as I was packing away

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