Monday, 10 December 2018

Why didn’t I think of that

Flicking through an old copy of Pike Fishermen the other day and I came across this article. 

A float paternosterer is my go to rig for presenting tethered lives and it can become a bit of a chore shortening the mono link or making a new longer one to alter the depth the bait is presented at. 

I’ll have a try next time I’m fishing with lives, as it seems like a good idea. My only concern is that the adjustable loop could increase the likelihood tangles.

Perhaps a more upto date version of the rig would be to use a single length of mono (or fluoro) with a heavy enough dropshot style lead and adjust as you would a dropshot rig. 


  1. For different depth in the river, there are different kinds of fishes. Just like you said, try to do something differently when next fishing..

  2. Was thinking drop shot lead stlyle......