Friday, 6 December 2013

Blank, recce and vehicle issues...

Last Friday I was able to get out on to a new stillwater and after an early start I was at the venue for just after first light. Unfortunately the weather was against me as it was blowing quite hard, this restricted me to certain areas that I could fish as the main part of the water was very choppy and facing directly into the wind. I decided to fish a sheltered bay as I had been informed that it produces some decent fish, however my poor run continued and I blanked again. Two other pike anglers also failed to catch so I wasn't too disheartend. I will be returning to this venue over the winter ( hopefully a few times) as I believe I have a good chance of increasing my pb there !

Over the past week I have been out researching new waters/ sections of the river that I have never seen before, even though I haven't been able to fish them yet I have really enjoyed this.

For the last few years my fishing vehicle has been an old 1986 Suzuki SJ 410, which is perfect for me really as it is cheap to run, 4 wheel drive (when needed) and doesn't matter if it gets full of mud etc... During my trips out I somehow managed to hit a log and split the exhaust, I then noticed an oil leak. I put a temporary repair on the exhaust ( which lasted about 2 hours before it was blowing again) but had struggled to locate the oil leak. I topped the oil back up, jet washed the engine and went on another afternoon recce. After 35 miles of back road driving, I checked the oil and it seemed fine, I couldnt spot any leaks either. I am hoping that the leak was the dipstick not being inserted fully/sealed properly. The exhaust is on order and should of been delivered today but with the weather we've had in the last 24 hours unsurprisingly it didn't arrive. The exhaust should be here Monday and shouldn't take too long to fit. I'm planning on a few short midweek sessions to make up for lost time over his weekend.

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