Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A short session and a fish !

I had an hour or so spare today so i decided on a quick lure session on a local still water. I arrived at the water at around midday, I decided to spend no more than 10 minutes in each swim. In the first swim I noticed a decent sized pike in the margin ( probably a double, which is good for this venue) which spooked when the dog decided to go for a paddle !

10 minutes passed in this swim with out incident, the next swim was about 20 meters further along the bank which allowed me to cast to the edge of a large lilly patch. First cast I was into a jack, no more than a few pounds. The fight didn't really last more than 20 seconds, however this is my first pike in many months so it was more than welcome.

1st pike in a while
I decided to end the session there and get back home to sort my gear out for Thursday as I am hoping to get a full day session on a new venue.

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