Friday, 8 August 2014

Angling Trust membership / Short video

I've been planning to join the Angling Trust for a while but I always seem to forget. I finally got around to joining last month and have decided to setup a direct debit so my membership will automatically renew.

With fishing being under constant pressure from many sources; illegal fishing, invasive species, and predation to name a few, I strongly believe that anglers need a 'voice'. The Angling Trust provides that voice and also provides its members with many other benefits.

For less than the price of a pint of beer (or maggots!) a month it has to be worth joining to help safeguard the future of angling ?

Arrived today - Angling Trust membership pack

Towards the end of a recent stick float session bites had started to dry up so I had a play with my camera.

The footage isn't great (but neither is the camera) and the perch was only small, but it's my first attempt at catching a fish for the camera so it will do for now. After seeing some excellent footage on other blogs I'm tempted to get a GoPro and try to get some pike footage over the winter.....

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