Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back for barbel

After my latest failed barbel attempt I was planning on concentrating on the eels, however I decided to give the barbel another go. The plan for the session was to use a simple running ledger rig with a small pva bag or stringer.

Tackle used

Rod - 1.75lb Series 7 Avon
Reel - Shimano 5010 baitrunner
Line - 12lb sensor
Hook length - 10lb ESP Ghost Fluro or 10lb Super Specialist Sink Braid
Hook - size 8 or 10 Super Specialist Barbel

For bait I had boilies, garlic spam and a mix of pellets. I had my first cast by 0615hrs and for the first hour the tip remained motionless. At 0715hrs the tip went round and the baitrunner started spinning, a small barbel was hooked. It didn't take long to land, weigh and take a quick photo, the barbel was held in the margin to recover and shortly after it swam off strongly.

2lb 6oz
It took another 2 hours for the tip to go round again and when it did it felt like a better fish. After a 3 minute fight I had another barbel in the net and it was a definite p.b. The barbel went 5lb 1oz and beats my previous best by around 2lb.

5lb 1oz - a new p.b

At roughly 1000hrs the sun came out and the bites dried up, despite trying different baits, hook length material, hook sizes, longer hook lengths  etc... I couldn't tempt another fish. The rain clouds returned by 1500hrs and almost instantly I had another take, the fish felt a decent size but after a minute it managed to find some weed and the hook pulled ! I took my time packing up, hoping for another chance but it never came.

All takes came to a hair rigged boilie on the braid hook length, it was the first time I'd used the Drennan Sink Braid and it seems to do the job well.

Boilie/stringer combo

My next session should be on Tuesday, possibly another attempt for the barbel or a stick float session for chub and perch. I'm also aiming to be out on Thursday night for the eels....

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