Sunday, 9 November 2014

Another lost pike

This morning I had a short short session with Jim from Fishing days blog. We arranged to meet at 05:30 and shortly after we both had a bait in the water. We stayed in the same area for the first couple of hours but there was no interest in either of our baits. We decided to move downstream, Jim roved and fished a number of different areas while I concentrated on a smaller area.

Things were fairly quiet so I decided to have a play with the camera, I then realised that I had left the memory card in my laptop so couldn't take any photos. Just before 10:00 I had a take on a ledgered lamprey, line spilled from the spool as the fish moved upstream, I wound down, struck and the pike was hooked. After a few seconds the fish came to the surface and after a few more the line went slack and the fish was gone. This is the 4th pike I've lost in the last 3 sessions and it's becoming more than a little frustrating, I'm putting this latest lost fish down to not setting the hooks properly.

There was no further interest in my bait, Jim came back just before 11:00 and had caught a pike of about 7lbs and had lost a decent chub at the net. I'm hoping to fit a midweek session in hopefully I'll land a fish next time and remember to put the memory card in the camera.......

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  1. Enjoyed today (now yesterday) mate, must do it again soon. I'm not surprised your frustrated with the loss of that fish.