Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Another piking blank

I managed to get out for a short morning session, hoping to land a pike after losing a few lately. I arrived well before light and a bait in the water (sardine) by 06:10. I decided to fish the one area until it was light, then move downstream. The first hour and a half passed quickly with no interest in the bait.

I moved half a mile downstream and found an area with some depth, I spent about 20 to 40 minutes in a swim before moving upstream. I fished about 6 areas in total and tried a few different baits (lamprey, mackerel, sardine and smelt) but none of the baits were taken. I have fished this area a few times recently and it usually produces, this is the first time I've fished it and not had so much as a take. The river seemed in fine condition but I can't remember seeing a fish top all morning, I might leave this stretch for a few weeks and maybe try further upstream the chance I have to get out.

3 blanks in a row......

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