Sunday, 14 December 2014

A quick chub session

This morning I was supposed to be afloat on the lower river lure fishing for the pike, but I woke up with stomach cramps and the sh*ts so I gave it a miss and went back to bed. After a few hours more sleep I felt ok and decided on a couple of hours chub fishing.

I left the house at about 10:00 and was on the bank 20 minutes later. I keep the tackle simple (1.25lb avon rod, 6lb sensor, small cage feeder and size 6 hook) and carried minimal kit as I wanted to try a few different spots. I had my homemade cheese paste for the hook and liquidised bread for the feeder. I baited 6 swims with a couple of small balls of the liquidised bread with the aim of spending 15 to 20 minutes in each one.

Minimal gear, less hassle when moving swims
Within 5 minutes of my first cast I had a positive bite, big drop back then a wraparound but I struck into nothing, a few more less positive taps in the first swim and I moved to the second swim after 20 minutes. The second swim was a bit quieter but I had a knock that I probably should of struck at. The wind speed was steadily increasing and it was making it hard to keep the tip still.

During my third move I slipped down a steep bank and ended up winding myself ! After a couple of minutes I was fine, I gave my gear a quick check over and luckily nothing was broken. Within a couple of minutes of casting the tip went round and I was into a small chub. The chub was netted quickly and was about a pound in weight.

I returned the chub a couple of pegs further upstream, hoping that I would be able to tempt another form the swim. Again within a couple of minutes the tip went round and another chub was hooked. Initially it felt fairly decent but it gave up quickly, this one was a little bigger and out of interest I weighed it.

An immaculate small chub, 1lb 4oz

I gave this swim another 15 minutes but I didn't have any further bites. The wind had picked up further so I missed out the 4th swim I'd baited as the 5/6th swims were more sheltered. Neither of these produced a bite but I probably wouldn't of been able to see them as I couldn't keep the rod tip still in the wind.

I called it a day as the wind was too strong to continue, an enjoyable short session though. I was home for 13:00 just in time for the football and Sunday dinner.

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