Thursday, 18 December 2014

Not even a touch

With both rivers up I decided to head to a still water for a session, although the strong wind limited me in which waters I could choose from. I ended up at the water I fished last month, I had 3 jacks on my last (short) session so I was confident of getting a fish or two.

I setup in the same area as my last session, 2 rods on a running lead and the third on a float set to about 2ft. The morning past quickly without any interest in the baits so I moved to the opposite side of the lake and setup in a bay with the wind in my face. I was hoping that the pike had followed the wind. If they had they weren't interested in any of the baits I tried today as bluey, lamprey, roach sardine, smelt and sprat all were ignored. I tried the baits on the bottom, popped up, float fished just above the weed but couldn't get a take on anything.

Despite blanking (1st time on this water) it was good to be out, the only downside of the day was that the water appears to have been targeted by poachers. I found some 20lb+ mono with ring pulls tied to it and some other litter (which is out of place on this water). Sadly there was a dead cygnet in the water, I had a feeling that the bird had taken a (poachers) set line so at the end of the session I decided to bring it in. The cygnet had taken a bait but I don't think it was the poachers as it was only about 6/8lb line, I removed all the line from the bird and left it on the bank for the foxes (at least it won't be a complete waste).

I'll probably fit one more session in before the end of the year and I might give the piking a break and have another go for the chub or maybe try for a decent winter perch.


  1. Darren, the cygnet has a yellow ring on its' leg - the details should be sent to the BTO for their records. A phone call to the police Wildlife Crimes Officer would also be appropriate. If the bird died as a consequence of an accident - nothing criminal has taken place? If the use of set lines was the cause then there is reason for the police to follow it up - and also protect your pike fishing whilst they are about it! Take care and tight lines - Dylan

    1. Thanks Dylan. I took a couple of photos of both ID rings so I'll forward the details to BTO. Hopefully this is an isolated incident as it's a lovely water.