Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I was aiming for a late season perch session on my local river today, but conditions weren't ideal so I had a sleep in and later than planned headed out to a still water to target the pike. I was fishing by 09:30 and before I could get the second rod out a smelt was taken. A jack of about 5lb was landed, which is a typical size for this water. I was fishing a bay facing into the wind, hoping that the fish had followed the wind, however the early fish was a false dawn as there was no more interest in the baits.

By early afternoon I decided to move to the opposite side of the water and drift a couple of baits over the weed beds. After an hour a second jack was taken, again on a smelt. The jack was smaller than the first and was covered in leeches, obviously still laid up after the recent cold snap we've had.

I'm hoping to get out for a few hours on Thursday, hopefully the rivers will be at a decent level and I can target the perch.

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