Sunday, 1 February 2015

Video of p.b pike capture

Towards the end of last September I finally beat my pike personal best whilst livebaiting for perch. My previous best had stood for over 3 years, so I was very pleased when I finally beat it. Just as pleasing was recording the capture on my GoPro camera, the video quality is HD (if you enable HD on YouTube) but the sound isn't the best quality as I had the full waterproof case on.

Anyway I thought I'd share the video -

Link to the original blog post -

I didn't manage to fish on Thursday as Lindsey was ill so I spent the day with her instead. I'm aiming to get on the bank on Tuesday and hoping that the river conditions are kind so I can target the pike.

I had some good news this week, the club that controls a still water I fish has removed the close season, this will allow me to target the eels and tench as soon as the water warms up, instead of waiting for June, very happy.


  1. Well done Darren, bet you were glad when that finally went in the net eh!! Great stuff.

  2. Thanks Lee,

    Definitely mate, longest fight I've had from a pike !