Wednesday 29 January 2014

Pike Anglers Club Event 26/01/2014

On Sunday I attended my first Pike Anglers Club 'fish in' event at Motorway Pond which is controlled by Hull and District Anglers Association . The 'pond' is an 18 acre pit with many features and is completely different to anything I have fished before. I was allocated a decent peg and decided on a 3 rod dead bait approach. One rod in each of the left and right margins with various baits a nd the middle bait was positioned with a bait boat using the sounder to identify various features. It was a quiet day all round with only 2 fish coming out to the 15 or so anglers on the pit, a jack and a low double. Although I didn't catch it was still an enjoyable day (apart from the torrential rain) I managed to put faces to names after meeting a few other members of the PAC.

Motorway Pond - An interesting place well worth a second visit.
New rod

After the disappointment of not getting any Chew Valley tickets(again), I decided to treat myself to a new rod, a DLST P2, which I am going to be using on the rivers (when the weather behaves) in a more mobile approach. This rod seems ideal for what I need, hopefully it will be getting a thorough testing soon, I will also be using it as a third rod in the summer when targeting eels.

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Short afternoon session

I have struggled for an opportunity to fish over the last couple of weeks and on the occasions I have had the chance to go the rivers have been in flood and the still waters I want to fish are a bit of a drive for a short session. Fortunately I had a few spare hours this afternoon and EA website indicated that the river level should be ok. I decided to fish further upstream than I have before and I arrived at the river for around 1130hrs. I traveled light so I could remain mobile, tactics for the day was 1 bait rod and 1 medium lure rod.

River condition - getting better 
I found a deep section on the near bank and cast a ledgered smelt there which also gave me the chance to test my new 'line gate' arms for the backbiters.

New line gate heads for backbiter arms
I had a quiet first 45 minutes, backbiters remained silent and no knocks on the lures so I moved further upstream. The smelt was cast slightly downstream of a snag, which looked like it would hold a fish or two and I continued to explore the stretch with the lure rod. After around 5 minutes I noticed the arm on the backbiter starting to move, then the alarm sounded. I removed the rod from its rests,closed the bail arm, wound down and lifted into a fish. A small jack was the result, to be honest I was a little disappointed as the swim looked really promising. This jack took my pike tally to 4 for the season.

Better than a blank !
Other than the jack I had no other takes on the bait or the lures, I did get to have a bit of a play with the line gates and they seem pretty good, hopefully I will be able to give them a more thorough testing soon.

Thursday 2 January 2014

Christmas 2013

Normally I am given some really random (shite) fishing related presents for Christmas, such as a heated fishing hat ? etc.... However this year the only fishing related gift I was given was a copy of 'The Eel Angler' by Barry McConnell. I had a quick flick through on Christmas morning and I was very impressed, I didn't get a chance to start reading the book until the day after boxing day. This is one of those books that you pick up and don't want to put down, very inspiring. I am restricting myself to a chapter a day to make it last as I could easily finish it in one sitting otherwise.

It has reinvigorated my interest in catching large eels (well trying to) and I have rejoined the National Anguilla Club. As a Christmas present to myself I managed to get hold of a signed copy of John Sidley's 1985 'Successful eel fishing' to add to my growing collection of angling books.

I haven't managed to get out fishing over the Christmas period and now things have started to settle down at home the rain has started and the river is in flood, hopefully this will settle soon as am I itching to get out and add to the meagre 3 pike I have caught this season.