Personal bests

This page is a list of my personal best fish.

During the many years I spent fishing in my childhood I never had access to a camera and the scales I owned were very unreliable. Only recently have I started taking photos and keeping a fishing diary.
The list is mainly from 2010 onwards, with the odd entry from earlier of captures that I can remember.

Barbel - 14lb 12oz (December 2021)

Bream - 9lb 0oz (June 2015)

Carp - 17lb 9oz (May 2015)

Chub - 6lb 7oz (March 2021)

Crucian - 1lb 4oz (May 2014)

Dace - 12oz (summer 1996) - This was in the Angling Times when I was younger, but I have caught a number of dace pushing the pound mark as there was a time on my local river when these were caught regularly.

Eel - 2lb 15oz (August 2014)

Grass carp - 8lb 8oz ( June 2015)

Grayling - 1lb 1oz (September 2014)

Perch - 3lb 15oz (January 2022)

Pike - 20lb 6oz (November 2018)

Roach - 2lb 2oz (winter 1998) - I have had several roach around the 2lb mark all caught at roughly
the same time period, but I can definitely remember a fish of 2lb 2oz.

Rudd - nothing over a pound.

Tench - 6lb 12oz (June 2015)

Trout (brown) - approx 2lb - I have never really weighed trout but have had several to around 2lb.

Trout (rainbow) - 2lb 7oz (May 2014)

Zander - 8lb 14oz (August 2015)

I will be aiming to beat a number of these personal bests each year, especially my pike pb.