Wednesday 6 May 2015

Hard going (bait test #3 and 4)

I had a couple of sessions over the bank holiday weekend, both on the difficult water where I have been targeting the tench. I braved the elements on Friday evening and fished until midnight, this was my first eel session of the year, although I also had a rod out for the tench. Both eel rods had dyson rigs with lobworms and a small trout head as bait and I fished the method feeder with small boilies on the tench rod. A difficult session in horrible weather conditions, no sign of any fish, not even a liner.

I also managed a short session first thing on Sunday morning, better weather conditions this time around although the result was similar. I had two rods out for the tench, both close to marginal snags, one rod with popped up sweetcorn over a bed of hemp the other with my small homemade boilies with a few scattered freebies. Again no fish landed, a liner was the highlight of the session! A few fish were on the move though but the week of northerly winds has dropped the water temp by 3°C and this definitely won't help get these fish on the feed.

So that's bait test 3&4 and I'm still to catch on the bait, I'm not really fazed by the blanks and I'm confident that the bait will catch. I might try an easier club water next time I'm out, although the water I'm fishing is a nice place to be, sometimes it would be nice to actually catch something....