Saturday 1 February 2020

After work chub

I usually try and fit in a short session after work at least once during my 5 days on, usually arriving at the chosen river after 22:00hrs and setting off home a couple of hours later.

At this time of year chub are the only viable target on these northern rivers and a fish or two is usually on the cards even on short sessions.

Two ‘midweek’ sessions since my last post, both flying visits of 3 hours or less. 3 chub on the first with a decent 4lb fish being the best.

Out again last night, first cast 23:15hrs back in the car by 01:30hrs. 3 bites, 2 fish landed, a nice 4lb 8oz and one of about 3lb.

I really enjoy these short sessions, a couple of hours on the bank keeps me ticking over until my 3 days off when I usually get at least one longer session. 

I’m heading down to target those farm pond perch on Monday it’s been 6 weeks since my last visit, water levels should have dropped, the forecast is showing an overcast day with strong southwesterly winds blowing, hopefully it’s worth the 2 hour drive.