Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A short mobile session

With the rivers swollen over the weekend I put off a planned session on Sunday, stayed in, watched the football and looked over some fishing books instead.

I have been keeping an eye on the Environment Agency's website checking the levels, the river seemed to be dropping by early Monday evening and I decided that if it continued I would get out for a few hours on the Tuesday. I arrived at the river just after 10 am and conditions seemed fine, if a little too bright. I was surprised to see the river in such good condition as it was well up less than 36 hours before.

River in fine condition despite the recent weather
I was continuing with a more mobile approach with 1 medium lure rod and 1 bait rod, the plan was to spend around 45 minutes in a swim then move on. After a quiet first half an hour I had a take on the lure rod, the fish put up a very good fight and I was surprised when I eventually saw it as I was expecting at least a double. The fish went 8lb 12oz and was in superb condition.

Fighting fit - 8lb 12oz
I had some interest on the bait rod just before 2pm but it didn't develop into anything so I decided to call it a day.This is only my second time fishing this stretch of river and I have caught on both occasions so far.

Today's fish took my tally for the season to 5, with today's also been the largest. I am aiming to finish the season with over 10 pike and at least 1 double.


  1. Well done Darren! Good stretch is that.

    Hope the P2 is working well....

  2. Cheers Jim.

    The P2 is spot on, I'm very happy with it, still to catch on it though. Im hoping to get a number of sessions in before the rivers close.

    Drop me a line if you want to have a look before you decide on what to get next.