Sunday, 24 November 2013

A new approach

Recently I have been struggling to catch any pike (at all) from my local stretches, so I have decided to put some more effort in and try fishing further afield. I have acquired a ticket for a stillwater which holds a good head of pike, upto low twentys with a decent head of doubles. Although this water is around a 130 mile round trip I'm hoping it will be worth it.

Also I have put a fair amount of time and effort researching different sections of my local river, I have spent a lot of time with ordnance survey maps and google earth seeking new sections to fish. Today I went on a recce and walked a fair few miles of riverbank I have never seen before, although the river was still in flood these newly found areas look promising. It is looking likely that I will need to join at least one new club to gain access to these new sections of river and I'm hoping that it will be  worth the outlay.


On the new sections of river I am hoping to fish the plan is to drop down to 1 bait rod as the river is a lot narrower there and also take a medium lure rod so I can have a few throws inbetween moving the bait rod around. I have a fairly quiet week planned so am hoping to get out and fish at least 2 sessions with a couple more recces of new stretches on the river, hopefully this approach will produce a fish or two.

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