Thursday, 21 November 2013

Short river session

I had a chance to get out for a short session on my local river this week, with the weather conditions we've had here over the last week conditions seemed to be perfect. I decided to bait fish a swim which has produced a few fish on the lure in previous outings. I decided on a 2 rod approach, the first rod was a float ledger close in, around 20 yards or so baited with a medium sized smelt. The second rod was fished mid river with a large lamprey section.

The baits were moved around the swim every 20 minutes or so, things were quiet for the first hour and a half. I then had a take on the lamprey rod which failed to develop, I think it was possibly an eel as I have had issues with them on this part of the river before. The rest of the session passed quickly without any other takes, however the dog did manage to knock both drop arms off within a few seconds of each other (last bait session he comes on for a while...).

I decided that I would move the baits one last time, whilst retrieving the mid river rod the trace found a snag and was stuck fast, normally the hooks bend and I get the rig back. Unfortunately this time the line parted and I left a baited trace in the river, something I dislike. So still no pike to report..... In future I think I will stick to the lures on these shorter sessions as I have more confidence that something will happen.

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