Thursday, 8 May 2014

The biggest fish of all..... Not quite

I had a few hours on the farm pond, again hoping for a decent perch or two. I decided to fish a running ledger with a few dendrobaenas as bait and a backbiter/rollover as indication and a short whip with chopped worm. The ledger was cast to the far bank under some willows and the whip was fished around 5 meters out along side a lily patch. It took about 15 minutes for something to show any interest, a perch of around an ounce or so. Bites came fairly regularly after the first fish mainly small perch, I upped the feed rate and the size of the worm pieces, hoping that this would attract the larger perch. The plan didn't work as the perch remained a consistent size, I also caught a couple of roach that went to about 4/5 ounces and the largest perch was about 3 ounces.

Mixed catch, unfortunately the perch were smaller than usual
I have had 4 perch sessions on the pond so far, with my largest going to 1lb (which was caught on the first session), I was hoping for a better return. The pond has produced perch pushing the 3lb mark in the past and I am hoping for a 2lber over the coming months. Although it is becoming slightly frustrating catching small bits I am going to persist with the pond for a while longer as it is a nice spot and on each visit I have had the place to myself, which I enjoy.

I am away on a course next week, but I have found a small fishery close to my accommodation and if time allows I am hopeful of fitting in an evening session or two.

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