Friday, 28 March 2014


When I get the chance (usually after the kids have gone to bed) I enjoy reading fishing books and over the last few years I have acquired a fairly modest collection. Currently I am reading 'The Eel Angler' by Barry McConnell, which I think is excellent. I have a chapter or so left but it is definitely one of the most enjoyable fishing related books I have read.

Last year I picked up a copy of The Perchfishers 'The Biggest Fish of All' and although I have not read it yet (just a quick flick through) it looks excellent. I had also been on the look out for a copy of The Perchfishers first published book, 'The Book of Perch' and managed to find one for a reasonable price. Well the book arrived today and considering the price I paid I am very pleased with the condition.

New addition to the collection
I will probably finish the eel book over the weekend and then start on the Perchfishers efforts, hopefully I can get some ideas to help me achieve my perch target, then I can fully concentrate on the eel fishing until the autumn.

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