Saturday, 8 March 2014

Top 5 lures

The majority of the pike I catch are caught on a lure of some kind and over the last few years I have managed to acquire a fair collection. Yesterday whilst I was having a quick sort out of my lures I found too many lures in boxes, lures that have never been cast and lures that I have no confidence in or interest using. It got me thinking what are my favorite lures and what are my most successful lures ?

I decided to put up a short post so I could have a look back in a few years and compare with the lures I am using at the time.

Lures currently in favour
1. Fox Replicant - any size, but I have had most success on the 'Red Perch' variant.

2. Mann's Shad - 4 and 6 inch versions.

3. Salmo Slider - I have only recently starting using the sliders but they have quickly became a firm favourite.

4. Maxi Mouse - A handmade lure by Dave Greenwood. I have had success with both the Maxi Mouse and the XL version (pictured), I recently lost my standard size Maxi Mouse to a snag so I will probably order 1 or 2 more for next season.

5. Kuusamo Professor Spoon - I have a few spoons but have only caught on this type mainly on this 45g cooper version.

I could of easily included Burt's, Savage Gear 4 Plays and Rapala SSR's etc.... but the lures pictured are what I mainly use.

I wonder what lures will be in vogue lures in the coming years.....

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